7:30pm – Opening Gala Recital – Stephen Tharp – International Concert Organist and Recording Artist

10:00am – Festival Eucharist

13:10 – Lunchtime Organ Recital – David Hardie – Birmingham Cathedral

13:10 – Lunchtime Organ Recital – Paul Walton, Bristol Cathedral

13:10 – Lunchtime Organ Recital – Simon Bell, Dean Close School

13:10 – Lunchtime Organ Recital – Alexander Ffinch, Cheltenham College

18:00 – Family Concert – Peter & the Wolf. Organist – Hugo Kennard

13:10 – Lunchtime Organ Recital – James Grainger, Concert Organist

19:30 – Gala Wine Concert – California Wine Suite (Op.40) – Hans Uwe Hielscher – a musical, tutored wine tasting. Organist – Hugo Kennard

In this suite the composer enshrines in music the characteristics of certain Californian wines, namely Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Gamay, Late Harvest wines (typical varieties of which include Riesling and Gewurztraminer), Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Petite Sirah, Cardonnay and Champagne. California is the largest wine-producing area of the USA, blessed with a climate perfectly suited to the production of wines which not only rival their European counterparts in every way in terms of quality, but which enjoy a consistency in quality far higher than is often the case in the ‘Old World’. Too often in the UK we know Californian wine only through the cheap, mass-produced offerings of a few industrial-scale producers, whereas the reality is that the coastal regions of the state boast in excess of 800 wineries the vast majority of which produce amazing and delicious wines to suit every palate and every pocket. The work is dedicated to Dr. Frank Herand, a Californian organist, musicologist and wine journalist.

19:30 – Closing Gala Silent Movie – Silent Movie Improvisation – Anthony Hammond

The highest grossing film of the silent era, ‘The Big Parade’.
Commemorating the centenary of America’s involvement in WW1 – April, 1917.

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