About Cirencester International Organ Festival

The Cirencester Organ Festival was founded in 2010 to celebrate the restoration and improvement of the Cirencester Parish Church organ – a world-class Father Willis Organ built in 1895.

The week-long festival, starting on April 22nd, includes five free week-day lunchtime recitals and three ticket-only performances, as well as a number of new events, including a children’s concert and musical wine tasting.

Tickets are on sale now, available from the website www.cirencesterorganfestival.co.uk where you can also find out more about the festival and the full programme of events. Tickets are £12 each, or £30 for a passport ticket to all three performances.  Tickets will go on sale in the church shop and tourist information centre at the end of the month.  The festival runs from April 22nd to 29th, at Cirencester Parish Church.

Cirencester Parish Church background

The magnificent church of St John the Baptist in the centre of Cirencester is one of the largest churches in England and stands next to the site of an old Abbey.

Recently the church has been renovated with a new floor and a refurbished South Porch. The Father Willis Organ has also been completely rebuilt and is now a world class instrument. Tours are available throughout the year and on special days the Tower is open to visitors who are prepared to climb the narrow steps to the top in order to enjoy a panoramic view over the town.